Destiny 2 Wants Your Feedback on Abilities, Armor, and Builds

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: Bungie

It’s not often we see Bungie asking players to share their thoughts on the current state of Destiny 2 and ask questions on specific systems, features, what they like, and what they wish to be updated in the live game.

Each season, Bungie releases a bunch of sandbox updates to the game, updating and, at times, even reworking exotic weapons and armor, and abilities. In the Season of the Deep, the developer made updates to more than 20 exotic armor pieces. While some received positive feedback, others did not meet the expectations as anticipated. (RIP St0mp-EE5)

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Earlier this week, Bungie tweeted via its official Destiny 2 Team account on Twitter, asking players to share specific questions and feedback on a couple of key topics; ability, armor, buildcrafting, and weapons.

Destiny 2 Season of the Deep, Deep Dives activity
Image: Bungie

“Hey Guardians, we are putting out a call for any Ability, Armor, Buildcrafting, & Weapons specific questions/feedback you have about the current live game,” the Tweet reads. “We’ve listed the topics below, so be sure to drop feedback or questions under the right topic so we can keep them organized.”

After the original tweet, there are four subsequent tweets regarding each one of the four topics as well as general questions that fans may have. You can check out and share your feedback in the Twitter thread below.

Season of the Deep is going strong, unveiling new story bits each week in the new Deep Dives missions and new Operations. The new Deep Dives missions have been warmly received by the community.

Additionally, there is a new Parting the Veil quest that continues the Lightfall story. This quest takes us back to the Veil on Neomuna, unveiling new conversations and lore about the Veil every Tuesday.

Season of the Deep also featured a brand-new dungeon called Ghosts of the Deep, which is already released in the game. The new dungeon features Lucent Hive-themed armor sets for each class and new weapons. You can check out our complete loot table for this new dungeon here.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


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