Bungie Survey Teases New Destiny Game on the Horizon

This would be the third installment in the Destiny franchise.

By Zuhaad Ali
Image: TheGamePost

It looks like the Destiny developer, Bungie is gearing up for the next big installment in the Destiny franchise after The Final Shape expansion, which is scheduled for release in early 2024.

Bungie recently sent out a closed survey to a select group of Destiny 2 players. The survey delved into various aspects of the current gaming landscape, spanning mobile, PC, and console games.

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However, what caught the attention of players was a specific question about their interest in playing a new game within the Destiny universe and franchise. The questions asked about a new Destiny game are listed below. (thanks, Ecothedragon37)

  • How likely would you be to play a new game from the following (Destiny) franchises?
  • Again, thinking about a new game from Destiny, which of the following options would you prefer?
Bungie Survey Teases New Destiny Game on the Horizon
Image: TheGamePost

This wasn’t the only question asked about a new game in a popular video game franchise. The survey also asked the same questions about The Elder Scrolls franchise (Elder Scrolls Online/Skyrim), and whether the player would like to play a new game in the franchise.

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The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is another massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Bethesda Softworks.

Bungie Survey Teases New Destiny Game on the Horizon
Image: TheGamePost

New Destiny Game in the Works?

While the developer has remained tight-lipped about any official announcements regarding a new Destiny game, the inclusion of a question specifically asking players about their willingness to embark on another adventure within the Destiny universe has definitely piqued their curiosity.

In August 2021, Bungie announced that Destiny’s original Light and Darkness saga will come to an end with the release of The Final Shape.

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Bungie has stated on several occasions that the ending to Destiny’s Light and Darkness saga with The Final Shape expansion does not mean the end for the Destiny franchise and that the developer is looking to support the franchise for decades to come. So, it’s fair to say that Bungie is indeed working on new Destiny games and other projects along with some new IPs.

Destiny Head Of Transmedia Leaves Bungie
Image: Bungie

When is the New Destiny Game Coming Out?

Based on that information, it is speculated and makes perfect sense that anything related to this new Destiny game would be released after The Final Shape expansion, which would be in 2025.

Will it be a direct sequel to Destiny 2, a spin-off, or an entirely new entry in the franchise, Destiny 3? These are some of the questions fans have been asking online, along with the potential for a new engine for the game, which seems highly unlikely, based on what we’ve heard from the developers in the past.

The original Destiny was released in September 2014, around nine years ago. Since then, Bungie has released a total of eleven expansions; four expansions in the first Destiny game, and seven in Destiny 2.

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Source: Bungie

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Since 2021, Bungie is hosting its own Destiny 2 Showcase in August, featuring major announcements for the franchise. If Bungie continues the tradition, we will probably get an announcement for this year’s Destiny 2 or Bungie Showcase as we get closer to August.

What do you think about this? Would you like to see a new Destiny with a fresh start or something that carries over all your achievements, titles, and items from the previous game? Let us know in the comments below.

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Destiny 2 Lightfall is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.


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